Thanks for coming to my page! I hope my personality shines through in everything you’ve seen so far.

In my free time I like exploring new spots and being outdoors. Nature is my happy place – I am that person who has a million sunset pictures on their phone! (But never sunrise – I don’t get up before the sun unless it’s for a photoshoot). I love cookies and ice cream, and trying new restaurants with my husband. I truly try to pursue things that bring me JOY! One of them is capturing joy in other people’s lives.

I’ve loved photography since I was a kid, but one of the big reasons I started taking photos for other people is that my older sister passed away when I was in college. The photoshoots I had done with her, and the images we had, took on so much more meaning. You never know what life will bring you, but you do know what you have now and how much it means. Capturing that in photos is truly invaluable. Life in the moment is messy but it’s also beautiful and amazing, and that in itself deserves to be documented. 

So let’s book this photoshoot and celebrate what we have now! Sure, maybe we have double chins and we’re not #models (or maybe you are!) and the kids aren’t magazine-worthy all the time… but that’s not what this is about. My absolute dream and honor is to capture more than what’s skin-deep – genuine love, connection, joy, emotion. C’mon lets do this together!